KU Leuven top ranking

KU Leuven one of the most innovative universities!

Easics is very proud of being a spin-off of KU Leuven! For the fourth year in a row, KU Leuven has been ranked as Europe's most innovative university according to Reuters. On top of this, KU Leuven takes the seventh place on the Reuters list of the world's most innovative universities, so the highest-ranked non-US institution!

North C-Trail

Some of our sportive personnel will participate in the 5th edition of the North C-Trail contest – the first and only real coast trail of Belgium - which will take place on 17th March 2019. There is a choice between 4 distances: 13/20/30/50km. All distances are 90% off road with parts through forest, dunes and beach. Of course, the highest dune of Belgium, 'de Hoge Blekker' (33m) cannot be missed.

Deep Learning Demo

Easics Showed its Deep Learning Demo Live @ WoTS 2018 Fair 

From 2 till 5 October, easics participated in the World of Science and Technology exhibition in Utrecht, organized by FHI. Easics exhibited in the World of Electronics part of the fair.

New slogan of easics

"Get our logic in your system" is the new slogan of easics which is very important to us and shows who we are:

Logic can have the meaning of zeroes and ones so this represents our knowledge in digital electronics. Our customers can integrate this knowledge via our services and our products in their application. ("in your system")

easics has always been customer-centric, their success is our success. This is why the "your" is very important to us. We work together to make the best products and top-notch applications with you.

My first digital steps

On September 4th 2017 I took my first steps in the world of FPGA and ASIC design by taking on the role of Design Engineer at easics. They provided the opportunity to have hands-on experience with innovative digital design, while still having a down-to-earth company view that lets you refine your personal skills.


On September 28th of 2017 easics was present on a workshop focused on the Arria 10 SoM developed by ReflexCES: the Achilles development kit. The workshop took place at the French offices of Intel PSG, located in Meudon near Paris.

FPGA World 2017 - Report

On Thursday September 21th, I went to the FPGA World conference in Copenhagen. While easics is of course always interested in everything concerning FPGAs, the main topic that interested us was the first keynote regarding acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) using FPGAs. In a previous blogpost I wrote that we're working on a research project on scalable multimedia implementations. For this we are preparing a demonstrator that runs a CNN on an FPGA.

Team LEGO Building

On the 18th of August 2017, easics organized a Team Building with LEGO bricks.
It was educational experience for our engineers and summer students.

Our host was the famous LEGO Certified Professional/LEGO Serious Play® Coach/Master Micro-Electronics Engineering/Comedian & Singer Dirk Denoyelle.

Dirk guided us through his world of Lego bricks.

We were divided in 4 teams, each team had bricks in one color.
Our first assignment was to choose an original name, here the result: