OCM Spectronet conference

Easics participated at the Spectronet conference in Karlsruhe on the 12th of march. 

There is a lot of potential in the food and pharmaceutical industry in combining spectrometry and AI. Easics took the opportunity to showcase his deep learning on FPGA demo. The demo can classify and identify 80 different objects (see impressions section). We can do this in real time in front of a live audience with very low latency and low power. The combination of AI and IR, polarization or ToF sensors is opening the door for a lot of new applications.  


Artificial Intelligence

Pushing the Limits of Artificial Intelligence

Don't miss out on our talk at Leuven Mindgate's visionary seminar "Pushing the Limits of Artificial Intelligence"!


AI invitation


Vision 6-8 November 2018

Easics invites you to join us at the Vision trade fair in Messe Stuttgart, Germany 06-08 November.

You can meet us at Booth 1J43.

Contact us for free registration.

If you would like to make an appointment, you can send a request at Contact Us.


Deep Learning Demo

Easics Showed its Deep Learning Demo Live @ WoTS 2018 Fair 

From 2 till 5 October, easics participated in the World of Science and Technology exhibition in Utrecht, organized by FHI. Easics exhibited in the World of Electronics part of the fair.


On September 28th of 2017 easics was present on a workshop focused on the Arria 10 SoM developed by ReflexCES: the Achilles development kit. The workshop took place at the French offices of Intel PSG, located in Meudon near Paris.

FPGA World 2017 - Report

On Thursday September 21th, I went to the FPGA World conference in Copenhagen. While easics is of course always interested in everything concerning FPGAs, the main topic that interested us was the first keynote regarding acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) using FPGAs. In a previous blogpost I wrote that we're working on a research project on scalable multimedia implementations. For this we are preparing a demonstrator that runs a CNN on an FPGA.

LICT Workshop on Deep Learning

On the 8th of June, 5 of us went to the LICT workshop on Deep Learning. This workshop was organized by the Leuven Center on Information and Communication Technology.